Working with Margaret is like building a cake one layer at a time until you have multiple layers of delicious textures and flavours in your life. As you take bite after bite, you are amazed at the rich life you have created for yourself.

Margaret is a master at Psych-K and supporting your exploration of all the recesses of your being in a gentle yet relentless way. As you engage in this exploration, you become a bigger more authentic presence that shapes energy in magical ways.

Your life changes with each nudge and you start manifesting what you really want and need.

~ Dominique Dennery, M.A.

Certified Management Consultant (CMC)
Certified Professional Facilitator (IAF)
Change Management Certification (PROSCI)
Accredited Coach Erickson College

I had been suffering from an old ankle injury and chronic foot pain for over 7 years. Each morning I would wake up and my foot and ankle would be stiff and sore before my feet touched the floor. It was something I had just resigned myself to living with, until I went to see Margaret. She performed one 30 minute quantum touch session and my foot and ankle pain disappeared. Margaret’s healing hands, caring nature and her ability to create a safe and inviting space allowed me to trust wholly and deeply in her and the process.

It has been almost 6 months and the pain has not come back. After 7 years of accepting the pain, I am so happy to say that I no longer wake up with a sore and stiff ankle and foot. It blows my mind everyday!

~ K. Clarke-Nolan

Since beginning PSYCH-K® with Margaret a few months ago, I've noticed positive changes physically and mentally relating to issues addressed: my energy is better, mind clearer, mood brighter, some excess weight is gone without dieting, sensitivities are less severe. I'm finding my diabetic regime easier to follow. Our sessions are always relaxed and fun. Margaret is a cheerful practitioner who gives her attention fully, gently and carefully. I am most grateful for her help.

The reflexology foot massage Margaret provides is always relaxing and feels wonderful. Problems with severe edema in the legs began resolving immediately and are no longer a problem. After several months my overall health is definitely improved.

~ Margo Boire

I would highly recommend Margaret for her Reflexology services and especially her PSYCH-K®. I initially enjoyed just the reflexology, which was throughly relaxing and calming. As I discovered more about the PSYCH-K® part of Margaret's services I was intrigued and delighted to try it. I am now a total fan of a combination of both facets of her specialties. The first half hour of reflexology which leaves me calm and at peace prepares me for the work required for the PSYCH-K®. At the end of each session I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and more in control of my life. Thanks so much Margaret.

~ Katie Brown

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS. This summer, my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family. We knew that might be a struggle so I did some research and found out that reflexology might have a positive effect on PCOS. I found Margaret's website and decided to give it a try. Prior to Margaret's reflexology and PSYCH-K® sessions I hadn't had a regular menstrual cycles for over 5 years. I was constantly gaining weight and had not a good attitude towards my body.

During my first session, I knew I had found a great healer. I am happy to say that my menstrual cycle is now regulated. It has been ever since our first session. I attribute this to the power of reflexology and PSYCH-K®. I have also been able to control my weight gain and I have a more positive outlook towards myself.

After a reflexology and PSYCH-K® session with Margaret, I feel like I'm walking on air. I have noticed that I have a better approach on my life. I can unwind and relax more easily. I can attest to reflexology's many benefits. Every session with Margaret is beneficial and insightful. Margaret's knowledge and her calming and kind manner have helped me work through some emotional and demanding times. Her touch is healing and stress-reducing. I am very grateful for my time with her and for what I can take from our sessions.

~ Rachel - EAO M.A. Lettres françaises